A downloadable awful, buggy "game" for Windows

Very prototypical eating/shooting/exploding/ sustainable-developmenting (?) game, based on a food chain.

WASD to move.

LMB to shoot bullets.

RMB to throw food.

E to pick up food fragments.

R to restart.

Esc to do whatever Esc does.

Stuff you should know:

1. Your food is explosive.  

2. Feed it to enemies, and shoot them to explode them.

3. Bigger enemies like eating smaller enemies.  Make the food work its way up the food chain to destroy the biggest enemies.

4. Enemies can mate and lay eggs (sometimes).  Yes I know that's not how sex works. I couldn't accurately draw [REDACTED]

That's pretty much it.

I suck at programming.  If it screws up, it's my fault, not yours.

Install instructions

It's a GameMaker Studio installer.  It can hang/freeze.  If you quit it half way through, the game should be no worse than it already is.


Ecosystem Destroyer 1_0_G Installer.exe 3 MB


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I dislike this developer's name. 0/10.